I am a professional artist and arts educator.

My passion lies in creating opportunities that centre imagination & ancestral knowledge.

I offer workshops and one-one sessions to explore personal creativity and tools for personal and communal empowerment. I foster interactions with the land and all beings. I guide children, youth, womxn, non-binary folk, indigenous, and people of colour in Ontario and abroad through holistic - creative - transformational experiences.


Arte para niñxs - art for rural and indigenous kids initiative and fundraise in Chiapas Mexico 2019


I foster agency and collective transformation around the world.

Images from FLUYE - a successful Costa Rica workshop series I envisioned, planned, and lead.in 2015. I guided participants to dwell deep into their memories and subconscious to create creative writing and paintings with and among trees, rivers, tropical birds and with each other from 8 different communities . A local school teacher found her voice through the workshops and become a published poet.