Vero Diaz

Photo - Self Portrait

Based in Toronto, Vero Díaz is an artist that works in the realm of magic realism and indigenous futurism. She believes in the power of finding our ancestral aesthetic and crafting our own stories, especially to process and heal from ancestral wounds and present day urban realities. She believes in the decolonization path and the power of radical imagination as a force that brings collective actions and personal transformation. Her practice is grounded in her mixed roots from México. She integrates her Maya, Mexica, and Cora indigenous art forms and ancestral knowledge among others with contemporary folklore in film, photography, performance, writing, and installation.

Her work has been shown in Harbourfront Centre, Gallery 44, Toronto Public Library, Artscape Youngplace, Sketch, World Pride, York University, Waterloo University, and Kitchener City Hall. Díaz mounted her first solo photography exhibition Inner Blooming at the Arcadia Gallery in 2017. She completed her Masters in Environmental Studies (MES) at York University in Latinx Transformation & Decolonial Art Practice. She is developing Red Surrender, a multidisciplinary bio-mythic piece created and performed in Watah Theatre. Her practice has been shared locally and internationally for 10 years in Canada, Costa Rica, and México.